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English & Social Studies Department

Vision: Towards Linguistic Excellence

Mission: To develop pupils’ linguistic and communicative competency so as to enable them to become independent learners through meaningful tasks and activities.

HOD English / Social Studies

Mdm Azizah A. Latiff

Level Head

Mdm Lakshmi Arivananthan 
Level Representatives

Mdm Sarina Mohamed (Level Leader)

Ms Phoon Sui Hoi

Mdm Sri Priya

Mdm Zarina Hassan

Ms Michelle Lin (AED)


Mdm Rasidah Abdul Wahab (Level Leader)

Mrs Karyn Hon Tham Tsui Yee

Mr Yip Yew Wing

Mdm Grace Ho Sze Hwei


Mr Roslan Yahya (Level Leader)

Mr Benedict Tan Hock Leng


Mdm Mehmutha Beevi d/o Kutus (Level Leader)

Mdm Vivien Gwee Shay Nee

Mr Eddy Chua Boon Chiew


Ms Yogeswary d/o Subramaniam (Level Leader)

Mdm Francis Anita

Mr Ong Yam Huat

Mdm Azizah A. Latiff


Mdm Noranisah Kamis (Level Leader)

Mdm Lakshmi Arivananthan

Mrs Lee Siew Fung

Mr Tan Teik Keat (AJT)

Mr Ang Guan Piew (FEL)


The English Language instructional programmes in the classroom are aligned with the principles of language learning and teaching in the EL Syllabus.
The following principles are embedded in the instructional programmes: 
Learner Centred 
Process Orientation 
Spiral Progression

English Language Support Programmes 

The Learning Support Programme
The Learning Support Programme is a specialized language and literacy programme. It aims to provide additional support to pupils to help them cope with mainstream work.
Speech & Drama
Speech & Drama programme aims to help pupils acquire both confidence and effective communication skills, help pupils develop and discover themselves and present their own ideas, and allow pupils to express freely and explore their imaginations.

School Reading Programme 

Reading programme is carried out in all classes to encourage all pupils to read actively. This aims to bring up the literacy level of all pupils and to inculcate the love of reading among the pupils.
Competitions Internal & External Competitions

P1 & P2: Poetry Recitation/ Drama

P3 & P4: Readers’ Theatre

P5 & P6: Oratorical/ Debate Arena

ALL levels: Writing External Competitions 

Leveraging with Technology 

The school started on a pilot project infusing ICT into the teaching of English Language at the Primary 4 level in 2016. It uses the theory of Knowledge Building (KB) and the Knowledge Forum ICT platform to equip pupils with 21st Century Competencies to contribute and co-create knowledge. Students own the learning, its outcomes and processes. Teachers design and facilitate learning that is guided by KB principles. It is now carried out in selected P4 and P5 classes.

We used KB for the specific skill of enhancing Stimulus-Based Conversation (SBC).  The main idea is to create a culture of idea generation and leading on to idea building. Another KB activity was the alignment of the STELLAR units as well as current affairs (newspaper articles) to share on the KF platform.

Students are able to ask questions to build on ideas and generate new ideas as well. Students are engaged in discourse to share with one another, and to improve the knowledge advancement in the classroom. The discourse on the platform also allows teachers the flexibility to provide immediate feedback and also to highlight improvable ideas.


These technology aims to help pupils in the presentation of their work/ projects and promote oral 
P1 & P2: Chroma Key
P3 – P6: Newsmaker/ Teleprompter 

Partnership with Parents  
What you can do to help your child
- Read to and with your child regularly.
- Watch the daily English news telecast with your child and discuss issues with them.
- Praise your child for every effort made and every improvement shown.
- Help your child learn his / her Spelling / Dictation.
- Ensure your child completes his homework / revises his work.
- Constantly monitor the progress of your child.

Links to important website  www.moe.gov.sg/education/syllabuses 

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