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Principal's Message

Warm greetings from Chua Chu Kang Primary School (CCKPS)

2016 marks a key milestone in our school’s history. The school was validated in May 2016 and conferred by Ministry of Education, ‘Best Practice’ in the following areas:
Teaching and Learning 
Student All-Round Development 
Staff Well-Being and Development

This is a recognition for the school’s efforts and dedication of our staff in wanting to bring the best unique learning experience for our CCKPS students. With the affirmation and achievements the school has received, we will continue in our endeavours towards providing a holistic and quality education by enthusing each and every child to be passionate about learning as well as to be engaged and inspired. 

Our School’s Vision “Empowered Learners, Creative Minds” espouses the desire to nurture our students to be Confident, Creative, Conscientious and Caring Citizens (5Cs). In working towards achieving these 5Cs, we firmly believe that our students need to be equipped with knowledge, life skills and 21st Century Competencies (21CC) for success in school and in life. The ideals require us not only to imbue head knowledge but also strong moral values and strength of judgement to be caring citizens. The school has embarked on a programme of Personal and Social Effectiveness (PSE) for students based on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People since 2006.   In encouraging our students to develop curiosity for knowledge, we will continue to focus on creating joy in learning and adopt student-centric approaches.

In engaging the learners, we focus on quality learning experiences and outcomes. This is done through curriculum innovations, leveraging on technology, inculcation of thinking skills and the inclusion of differentiated programmes to cater to student needs. Examples of curriculum innovations include Drama Programme, Talent Development Programme (TDP), Problem-Based Learning (PBL) programme and our Applied Learning Programme: ‘Creative Problem Solving through Robotics’. These programmes aim to engender self-directed and collaborative learning and nurture creative problem solving skills. 
Besides the academic domain, the school focuses on Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) as well as aesthetics appreciation and physical education to develop our students holistically. This emphasis has played an important role in developing our students to become responsible and caring citizens. The school leverages VIA programmes to enhance the learning of school values and also develop in students a stronger sense of rootedness to Singapore. With the School’s Lifelong Learning Programme - A Confident & Caring Leader - Leading Through C.A.R.E, we seize the opportunities to develop our students to be leaders for tomorrow.

There is a saying – it takes a whole village to raise a child. We are indeed blessed with the support of our partners and stakeholders, without whom we will not be able to provide our students with invaluable experiences.  We have a common goal to create an environment that best supports our students’ learning and development. Towards this end, parents have a very significant influence on their children’s total development. We look forward to working together with you to bring out the best in each and every student in CCKPS. 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a meaningful year ahead that is filled with joy and good health.

Yours truly
Mrs Lee Wai Ling