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P1 Consortium

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1 Care Mdm Rasidah Abdul Wahab & Mdm Shoba D/O Mohan
1 Diligence Ms Nur Afiqah Alias & Mdm Zhan Ying
1 Discipline Ms Lim Wan Fong & Ms Tan Lay Jun
1 Excellence Ms Phoon Sui Hoi & Ms Michelle Lin Xiufang
1 Integrity Mdm Amanda Kiang Shu Jun, Mdm Lim Hui Hui & Ms Nurhuda Lokman
1 Resillience Mrs Karyn Hon and Mdm Rohana Hamid
1 Respect Ms Atrina Tan & Ms Tan Lay Bee


Academic Excellence & Holistic Development

  • Reading Programme
  • PAL – Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Outdoor  Education
  • IT-Based Lessons
  • E-Learning
  • Digital Portfolio
  • Learning Support Programme
  • Learning Support Math Programme
  • Before School Programme
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Lifeskills and Pupil Development Programme
  • PE Fitness Day
  • Talent Thursday

Learning Support Programme (LSP & LSM)

  • The Learning Support Programme is for a selected group of pupils who need to be supported in literacy and numeracy skills.

IT Programmes

Pupils will undergo the IT Literacy programme in Semester 1.
They will be taught basic Presentation skills as well as e-learning using LMS portal.

Learning Journeys

Pupils will undergo experiential learning.
They will visit a place each semester which is in relation to the Problem based learning.
• Visit to Botanical Gardens (Term 2)
• Visit to the Zoo (Term 3)

Programmes for Character & Citizenship Education (CCE).
Pupils are given the opportunities to assume roles such as :

  • Class Monitors
  • Group Leaders
  • Line Monitors
  • Powerkids
  • OCA Monitors
  • PE Monitors
  • Homework Leaders
  • Class Library Monitors