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iChef @ CCKPS
Background of iChef

Teachers @CCKPS have always wanted to make the learning of Mathematics fun and engaging for the pupils. Thus in 2012, the school initiated the infusion of baking and learning of Math to the Primary 3 students.

During selected Math lessons, pupils will have hands-on experiences in measuring of mass through baking. The programme allows pupils to use weighing scales to measure mass of ingredients used for baking of cookies. Pupils will also be exposed to budgeting as they will need to go online to the virtual supermarket to ‘purchase’ ingredients for their cookies. This allows pupils to see that Math is in the daily environment and also provides an authentic experience to the pupils. Pupils will thus see more purpose in learning Math. The programme also aims to inculcate on healthy eating through healthier preparation on food.
With our iChef room, students @CCKPS are now able to have more authentic learning experiences where they see that Math is in their daily environment.
At the end of their 6 years education @ CCKPS, pupils will be able to:

  • Equip themselves with basic lifeskills where they learn how to take care of themselves and to prepare a simple breakfast for themselves; and then progress on to learning how to prepare healthy set meals;
  • Be more independent and responsible in taking care of themselves;
  • Have authentic learning experiences where they see that Math is in the daily environment;
  • Adopt healthier eating habits through healthier preparation on food.

 Primary 3 – Learning Math concepts through baking @iChef.

Learning the concept of “Mass” through baking.
Oval Callout: “The mass of the flour is …”

Oval Callout: Math is fun!
Oval Callout: Do we have the right amount of mixture now?

Primary 6 – iChef Competition
Chefs @ work