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Robotics in PSE





Vision and Goals

Robotics education is the premier interdisciplinary pedagogical tool that allows the learning, application and manifestation of 21st century competencies as advocated in MOE Framework for 21st Century Competencies and Student Outcomes. Robotics is not only useful in cultivating deeper knowledge of math or science concepts, it also develops pupils’ critical thinking skills, inventive thinking, information and communication skills and decision making. The use of robotics in teaching incorporates student-centered learning environment, constructionism and teamwork.  Our applied learning programme will increase engagement and interest by letting students drive the solutions, create open-ended assignments that teach valuable inquiry skills and set advanced students off to develop their interests, without limits.



Basing on the school’s vision of Empowered Learners, Creative Minds, CCKPS student has to be an effective learner and creative problem-solver to grapple with the complex challenges he will face in an increasingly complex world. He needs to have the right set of values that will be his compass in ambiguity. He also needs to know how to tap on his own capabilities to be self-directing as well as synergize with others to extend his capabilities. He will need to be able to come up with creative solutions to new and complex problems. In short, he needs the right values, attitudes and habits to be personally and socially effective for learning and for life.


Empowerment is the key to being an effective learner while a Creative Mind will open up a world of possibilities and opportunities for learning and growth.





Our CCKPS’  robotics curriculum is set to achieve our vision of Empowered Learners, Creative Minds. Our robotics curricula uses the constructivist pedagogical tool, Problem-Based Learning, to support students’ acquisition of 21st Century competencies with tasks and situations that require higher-order thinking, and include applications of knowledge, elements of career awareness, career exploration, and the integration of industrial knowledge and practices into their work. Our applied learning programme also provides multiple ways for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. It is an authentic learning experience that provides opportunities in the problem solving process, the manipulative use of tools, equipment, materials and related techniques, and personal skills, occupational awareness and safety, and employment literacy.


Robotics education is perfectly suited for the application of PBL-scenarios as they bring together rigorous content and real world relevance. Our programme objectives are as follows:

a)    Integration of Robotics in the school curriculum through the key subjects of Art, Science and Mathematics so that Robotics can be used as support tool for learning and developing creativity and problem-solving skills


b)    Identification and development of student talent in Robotics so that we can stretch their ability through more customised training and participation in national and international competitions.


c)     Collaborations with educational institutions and/or industry partners to help promote further interest and learning and raise excellence in achievements in Robotics


Our applied learning programme is set to enhance problem solving skills and creativity that enables students to bring together what they have learnt in science, mathematics, art to real-life applications.  


CCKPS is committed to ensuring that our programmes and robotics research projects are translated into high quality teaching and resources that has high impact for students and teachers. To promote the school as a centre of Robotics, CCKPS will use the 3E Framework of Expertise, Experience and Extension.



·    Growing internal expertise knowledge through sharing sessions

·    Platforms for sharing of best practices amongst teachers.

·    Formation of PLCs for the use of PBL in creating Robotics lessons and projects.



·    Events / Programmes for pupils’ involvement in Robotics projects such as Innovation Day and PBL Week

·    Access to robotics lab for self-directed learning.

·    Opportunities to be exposed to both local and overseas competitive events.




·    Collaboration projects with IHLs, external organizations, Industries and overseas schools.

·    Collaboration with vendors in the set up and upgrading of facilities for conduct of the centre’s programmes. 



Today, more than any other time in history, robots play a significant role in our everyday life.   At Chua Chu Kang Primary School, we believe that robotics technology is the key to improved productivity and quality of life in the future. Productivity-driven growth can deliver sustainable and inclusive economic development, and improve Singapore's standard of living over time. Learning to collaborate with others and connect through technology are essential skills in a knowledge-based and technology driven economy.