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Club & Societies

Art Club

Art and Craft Club aspires to groom young artists by broadening their perspectives of art through to different forms of Art Making and Appreciation as well as building confidence in self-expression through Art.

2019: Certificate of Recognition In SYF for Category A 
            Certificate of Participation In SYF for Category B and C 
2017: Certificate of Participation In SYF for Category A

Thursday2.15pm to 4.15pm 

Drama Club

The Drama Club aims to provide students an opportunity to participate in supervised creative dramatic activities which will lead to a final production. The club works on developing creative thinking skills, teamwork and improving communication and interpersonal skills.   Most importantly, students will see themselves as capable of setting and achieving goals. By working individually, in pairs, or small groups, students will develop community-building skills including cooperation and patience.  They will also gain public speaking skills, confidence and the capacity to trust their own creative instincts.

2019: International Friendship Day & CCA Showcase   
2018: International Friendship Day & Annual Prize Presentation Day Concert 
2017: CCKPS Musical at ITE

CCA Schedule:
Thursday2.15pm to 4.15pm

Environmental Club

National Environment Quiz 2019_A1 (129).JPG
Environment Club aims to spread an awareness and cultivate a pro-environment mindset amongst our students. Students are engaged in gardening, dengue prevention, hydroponics, reducing and recycling activities. Students learn to work in teams as they learn more about nature and its wonder. 

2019: National Environment Quiz ( 4th place – Team)   
2018: Green Schools at South West ( Gold award)

CCA Schedule:
Thursday2.15pm to 4.15pm

Techno Club

The Techno Club used to be called Robotics Club.  Beginning 2019, the Robotics Club merged with ICT Club. The merger is due to some duplication of skills being taught in ICT and Robotics Club. The merger resulted in bigger pool of students to participate in various competitions.   
Techno Club seeks to equip students with a variety of technological skills like :
      • ICT – Photoshop, Newsmaker, Scratch Programming
      • Robotics – Robot construction, Programming with Scratch and EV3           
      • Maker – Making of digital product with Microbit  
Students in Techno Club will learn :
      • Intermediate to advance level programming of software languages.
      • Develop creative thinking by creating original works using technology.         
      • Assemble and programme robots or to programme to solve a problem to perform a variety of tasks and missions.

2018 – MAKEX Competition 
             ·       TEAMWORK AWARD 
             ·       Champion , 1st Runner- up and Second Runner-up 
             ·       Best Image Award at Guangzhou, China, Dec 7-9, 2018   
2019 – Robocup Singapore Open 
             ·        Robodance U12 - Champion 
             ·        RCAP COSPACE Grand Prix, U12 1st Place   
           - National Robotics Competition 
           - Finalist in Best Programme Award

CCA Schedule:
Thursday2.15pm to 4.15pm