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MOE Mathematics Framework

Picture1.pngSource: Ministry of Education, Singapore

Department Focus

Our department programmes are aligned to the MOE Mathematics Framework. We aim to enable students to:

  • develop positive attitudes towards mathematics
  • use mathematics to solve problems, including real-world problems

Key Programmes

Key Programmes


  • Heuristics
    • Acquire heuristics skills for problem solving through customised and differentiated packages
    • Enhance critical thinking skills
    • Practise good thinking routine through a 4-step approach to problem solving



  • ICT-infused Lessons
    • Enhance students’ conceptual understanding and spatial visualisation skills through the use of Student Learning Space (SLS) and other ICT tools


P1 & 2

(selected students)

P4 & 5

(selected students)

  • I-Chef Programme
    • Provide opportunity for students to apply mathematics in real-world context


  • Math Olympiad Training
    • Provide exposure for students who demonstrate interest and ability in Mathematics to challenging and non-routine questions

P3 - 6

(selected students)

Partnership with parents

  • Parents’ workshop was conducted in order for parents to better support their child at home.
  • Tips for parents:
    • Use the 4-step approach when solving word problems
    • Use proper mathematical language and everyday objects to teach mathematics
    • Encourage your child to revise constantly (e.g. use of Student Learning Space (SLS) for self-directed learning at home)

Useful Resources/Links

  • Student Learning Space (SLS) – Note: To use  Google Chrome
  • MOE Mathematics Syllabus (P1 – P6)
  • SEAB approved calculator list (P5 and P6 only)