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Chinese, the Living Language

Creativity, Key to Unlocking Talents

Empowerment, Pathway to Effective Learning


To create a conducive learning environment  

To stimulate pupils’ learning interest

To promote self-directed learning


Name of Member

Subject Head, Chinese Language

Mr Fo Kok Hong

Subject Head, National Education

Mdm Lim Hui Hui

 Senior Teacher

 Mr Tay Choon Hong

Senior Teacher

Ms Teo Siew Peng

Level Leader P1

Mdm Zhang Zhiting

Level Leader P2

Ms Tan Lay Jun

Level Leader P3

Mdm Qian Li

Level Leader P4

Mr Soh Eng Kian

Level Leader P5

Mdm Zhong Zhaohui

Level Leader P6

Mdm Yang Shu


Mdm Yeo Lay Hong
Ms Tan Lay Bee
Mdm Ng Hwan Teng
Mdm Ang Shuyu
Mdm Goh Keow Keow
Mdm Xi Jun
Mdm Neo Shirong
Mdm Zhan Ying
Mdm Sun Wei Wei

Taiwan Immersion Trip
A team of 4 teachers, along with 27 students, went to Taipei for our school's Immersion Programme. Throughout the week, we visited a local school, Keelung Municipal Wu-Du Primary School, as well as other places of interest. 
At Wu-Du Primary School, our students had the opportunity to join the local students for their classes and they made some new friends along the way as well. Our students were warmly welcomed and were touched by the locals' genuine friendliness and warmth. 
One of the places we visited were National Palace Museum, where they had a children's museum where our students got to know more about the artifacts in a very interesting and lively way specially designed for children's learning. 
We also visited a Paper Making Museum where we witnessed first hand how paper is made in the past and we even got to make paper with our own hands! 
Our students and teachers next visited a Buddhist Organization which showed us their recycling efforts and we had the chance to do our part in saving the Earth by helping to sort the recyclable items. 
Also, we had dinner at a Chinese Opera themed restaurant. The restaurant owner added some twist to Chinese Opera, and the performance were infused with modern music and even K-pop dance moves! Our students had the chance to learnt how to use the puppets to perform and everyone of us had a great time!
Lastly, before we head back to Singapore, we visited a Pineapple Tart Factory and everyone of us learnt how to make our own pineapple tarts. We even brought them back to Singapore and give to our loved ones.
All in all, it was definitely an enriching, fulfilling experience!
Thank you!
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