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Our CCA programme aims to meet these following objectives;
Develop good character (resilience, discipline & respect) and leadership skills in the students outside of the classroom, through              an authentic setting.
Sustaining the students’ interest and passion in the CCA.
Allow students to excel in non-academic areas.

CCAs offered

Chua Chu Kang Primary School offers 14 CCAs grouped under 3 different clusters

Physical SportsPerforming ArtsClubs and Uniformed Groups
Basketball (Girls and Boys)ChoirArts and Crafts
Badminton (Girls and Boys)Percussion Ensemble Robotics
 Floorball (Girls and Boys) English Drama Environmental Science
Football (Boys)  Chinese Dance  Scouts
 Indian Dance  
 Malay Dance  


CCAs in Chua Chu Kang Primary School is held on every Thursday when possible (2.15pm-4.15pm).
* There will be additional training sessions for selected groups of students for selected CCAs (3.30pm-5.30pm)

CCA Policy (For parents to note)

1. Transfer/Termination of CCA

As it takes time for specific CCA skills and knowledge to develop, it is important for the student to remain in the same CCA for at least two years. This also aims to build resilience in every child. Hence, students should not change or terminate their participation in their CCA within these two years. Thereafter, all requests for change of CCA must be submitted to the SH/CCA & Aesthetics. The form can be acquired from the CCA Teachers-In-Charge or General Office. Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the SH/CCA & Aesthetics, in consultation with the CCA Teachers-In-Charge. It is also a point to note that students can only request for a transfer of CCA once.

2. Talent Sharing Programme

To provide more opportunities for student with talents, we have a Talent Sharing Programme between CCAs. Students can represent the school in more than one CCA, with the approval of the SH/CCA & Aesthetics on a case-by-case basis and if they meet the following criteria:

Good attendance records in current CCA
Written parental permission to be submitted
The two CCA sessions and competitions do not conflict
The involvement does not adversely affect the child academically

3. CCA Allocation (CCA Academy)
CCA showcase will be held in early T3 to introduce the various CCAs to the P2 students and their parents. The parents and students will be able to engage the CCA teachers and current CCA students during the showcase. 
An option form will be given and students can only choose 1 cluster of CCAs (Sports, Performing Arts, Clubs and Uniformed Groups). Within the cluster, the students can opt of 2 CCAs. 
CCA Academy will be held over 4 weeks whereby students will be exposed to the different CCAs within their cluster in rotation even if they did not choose that particular CCA. This allows the CCA teachers to look out for talents specific to their CCAs and make the necessary arrangements to talk to their parents if they did choose the CCAs.
Allocation is done based on the students’ interest and passion in tandem with the teachers’ and coaches observation and recommendations.  This is in line with our vision and mission which is to encourage students to pursue their passion. 

Sports and Games 

Badminton  Floorball Basketball   Football
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Clubs and Societies

    Art ClubDrama Club    Environment Club              Techno Club
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    Chinese Dance     Malay Dance     Indian Dance       ChoirPercussion Ensemble
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Uniformed Groups

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