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1. To develop character, values, leadership and life skills in our students through engaging activities.

2. To provide our students with a variety of platforms to realise their strengths and excel in non- academic pursuits.

3. To provide our students an avenue to foster social integration, commitment and sense of responsibility to school. 

To achieve these, there are 14 CCAS offered under 3 categories.

Physical Sports 

Badminton   Floorball  Basketball    Football
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Clubs and Uniformed Groups 

Art and Crafts Club
Environmental Science Club   Robotics Club                       Scouts              
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Performing Arts 

Chinese Dance Malay Dance Indian Dance
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English Drama Club           Choir                 Percussion Ensemble 
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P2 CCA Showcase

Dear Parents, 

To sign up for the CCAS, you may either

1.  Click on the tab below to access the CCKPS CCA Option Form 2022.
CCKPS CCA Option Form 2022



2. Scan the QR code below.