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Educational Support

Educational Support Department provides support to the low progress students in P1 to P4, through the MOE-initiated support programmes.

Learning Support Programme (LSP) for English (P1 & P2) and Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) for P1 to P3 selected students.  
School-based Dyslexia Remediation (SDR) programme - P3 & P4
Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) - P3 & P4

Basic Numeracy Enrichment (BNE)

This enrichment is for P1 and P2 LSM students and serves as an additional support in Mathematics.
It is conducted once a week (on Fridays) after school. 

Basic Literacy Programme (BLE) 

Purpose of BLE is to develop general reading skills, build reading fluency and motivate students to read texts for enjoyment. 
It is held once a week to support lower progress students in P1 and P2 who are weak in reading.  
For BLE, we have kidsREAD Programme which is a collaboration with National Library Board. Reading materials and resources are provided by NLB.
We work closely with our partner school, Bt. Panjang Govt High School, for this programme. Student volunteers from the school,  support our students in the weekly reading sessions.