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Educational Support

Educational Support Department provides support to the low progress students in P1 to P4, through the MOE-initiated support programmes.

Learning Support Programme (LSP) for English and Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM).  
School-based Dyslexia Remediation (SDR) programme
Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)

Basic Numeracy Enrichment (BNE)

This enrichment is for P1 and P2 LSM students and serves as an additional support in Mathematics.
It is conducted once a week after school. 

Extensive Reading Programme (ERP) 

Purpose of ERP is to develop general reading skills, build reading fluency and motivate students to read texts for enjoyment. 
It is held once a week to support lower progress students in P1 and P2 who are weak in reading.  
Parent Volunteers support the programme by conducting the reading activities with the students
ERP takes the approach of Odyssey Reading Programme by SHINE.

Benefits of ERP

ERP will have a positive impact on language learning. These include gains in reading and writing competence, oral and aural skills, vocabulary growth and increases in motivation, self-esteem and empathy.