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English Language

The English Language instructional programmes in the classroom are aligned with the principles of language learning and teaching in the EL Syllabus.  
The following principles are embedded in the instructional programmes:   

    (1) Learner Centredness 
    (2) Process Orientation   
    (3) Integration   
    (4) Contextualisation   
    (5) Spiral Progression  
    (6) Interaction

Speech & Drama

The Speech & Drama programme aims to help students acquire both confidence and effective communication skills, develop and discover themselves through presenting their own ideas, express freely and explore their imagination.


Reading Programme

Our Reading programme is carried out in all classes to encourage students to read actively so as to improve the literacy level of our students and to inculcate the love of reading. Through this programme, students are provided with storybooks and are introduced to various authors and genres. 

As part of this programme we have Reading Ambassadors who are selected and trained to promote reading to their classamtes and motivate our reluctant readers. 


On the Write Journey

This is a creative writing programme that we have introduced during our English lessons. Through this programme, students are nurtured and guided on the aspects of creative writing. 

Author Appreciation Day

On Author Appreciation Day, our Primary 5 students share their individually written stories, their favourite authors and literature genres with the lower primary students. Reading Ambassadors would also promote storybooks written by various authors to encourage students to to borrow.

Book Character Parade

Book Character Parade is held during the Library week. This programme  aims  to foster and develop our students’ love of reading, Primary 1 to Primary 4 students will do a research on a book character and they will start working on their costumes in advance. On the Book Character Parade day, most of our students will come to school in their costumes and share about their favourite character in their story book during English lessons.


W2 Cluster Debate

When students participate in debate, they learn to study issues in depth and form perspectives, W2 Cluster Debate is an annual event in CCKPS. To prepare for this interschool debate competition, our Primary 6 students research on the given motion and showcase their debating skills during English lessons as post PSLE activity. Outstanding speakers are selected to represent CCKPS in this interschool debate competition.