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Mother Tongue Languages

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight & Language and Cultural Camp

The School Department will organise a variety of activities for the Mother Tongue Fortnight, an initiative from MOE for Mother Tongue Languages since 2011. MTL Fortnight provides a platform for students to actively learn MTL and the associated culture to experience MTL as ‘a living language. Students gain a deeper understanding of culture and heritage through hands-on activities such as drama, performances and storytelling.  


Mother Tongue Support Programme (MTPS) (P3)

MTSP caters to students who needs extra support, through innovative pedagogies and engaging learning resources. MTSP aims to motivate low progress learners and to further assist them in the learning of Mother Tongue Language. 

Reading Programme 

To cultivate students’ interest in reading MTL books and build their own vocabulary, reading programmes and activities have been planned to build a reading culture that develops students into avid readers.