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Programme For Active Learning (PAL)


Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Learning Outcomes:  
•   Exhibit confidence in what they do and express themselves effectively
•   Exhibit curiosity and positive attitudes to learn
•   Enjoy group experiences and teamwork  

PAL Modules in CCKPS

Primary 1Primary 2
Performing Arts  - MusicPerforming Arts - Drama
 Outdoor EducationOutdoor Education 
 Visual ArtsSports & Games  

Primary 1 and 2 students will go through 2 hours per week of PAL lessons as PAL is an integral part of the curriculum.  Each PAL module comprises of 7 sessions.  PAL offers learning experiences that are active, hands-on and meaningful.

PAL contributes to the development of soft skills in our students such as the ability to communicate clearly and cooperate with others. Students acquire values and develop socio-emotional competencies such as respecting others and making responsible decision through a wide variety of activities which are experiential in nature and incorporate elements of fun and enjoyment.

PAL broadens the learning experiences of our students and provide opportunities for our students to have a lively curiosity about the world they live in and a belief in their ability to accomplish a task or deal with a challenge.