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Curricular Goal

Nurture a Community of Science Inquirers

Our school adopts an inquiry-based approach to the teaching and learning of Science. Inquiry-based learning allows our students to make observations, ask questions, think creatively and critically to investigate on a problem and make connections to science concepts. 
Our science curriculum provides our students with a range of learning experiences in the form of scientific investigations, authentic learning and learning journeys. 

CCKPS Science Curriculum

ThemesPrimary 3Primary 4Primary 5
Primary 6
Diversity-Diversity of Living and Non-living things 

-Diversity of Materials 

- Cycles in plants and animals (Life Cycles)

-Cycles in matter 
- Cycles in plants and animals (Reproduction)

-Cycles in water (changes of states and Water Cycle
 Systems -Plant System (Plant parts and functions) -Human System (Digestive System) -Plant System (Plant Transport system) 

- Human System (Respiratory and Circulatory systems)

-Cell System

-Electrical System
 Energy - Energy form and uses (Light and Heat) 
-Energy form and uses (Photosynthesis)

- Energy conversion 
- Interaction of forces (Frictional force, Gravitational force, force in springs, Magnetic force) 

-Interaction within the environment 
 Interactions-Interaction of forces (Magnets)    

Learning Journey

Primary 3

Gardens By the Bay (Plants)

Primary 4

Dengue Mobster (Life Cycle of Animals)

Primary 5

Science Centre (Unit of Life)

Primary 6

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (Adaptations)

Environment Science Club

Members immerse themselves in the world of environmental science where exciting and interesting experiments and activities are conducted. 


Science Reading Programme

Enriching students’ learning of Science through the reading of the Young Scientists magazines. This comic-based magazine aims to deliver syllabus-based science content that resonates with the young children of today.

Environment Recess Activities

During some recesses, booths are set up in the canteen by external organisations such as PUB, Food for the Heart, etc., where students learn about environmental issues. Students will also get to participate in hands-on activities where they will better understand how they can play a more active role in saving the environment.


Science Buskers Competition

Every year, the Science Centre organises this interesting competition for students to showcase their science experiments in the form of busking. Our school organises our own internal Science Busking Fair to provide a platform for students to share interesting science concepts and phenomenon with their fellow schoolmates. Promising groups will be selected to represent the school in the external competition.

Science Busker Finals

Internal Science Buskers Competition

Dengue Mobster (P4)

Primary 4 students will be spreading dengue prevention messages to their fellow schoolmates as well as the residents in the nearby residential blocks using their wonderfully prepared posters and charts!


Hydroponics (P4)

The Primary 4 students will get to grow and harvest some local vegetables like Bayam and Kangkong. The students will have a much deeper understanding of the life cycle of plants as they observe and monitor the growth of the vegetables.