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School History 2001 - 2005

In 2001, the school restructured its organization to a consortium structure to better serve the demands of ability-driven education. During that year, project work was implemented at P5 level. In line with being an IT learning hub, the school also began its journey towards IT excellence in teaching and learning using an e-learning portal known as SchoolDNA. The school supported a number of staff's innovative ideas such as Project Mount Kinabalu for Fitness Club pupils.

In 2002, the school attempted to reach the parents and the community through 2 main projects viz. Rhythm with the Community and iTOPIA. The school revamped its annual sports event and successfully implemented Sports Carnival, a new initiative with emphasis on mass participation from P3 to P6 pupils. The school also applied for and was awarded the People Developer Standard certification on 1st October 2002. It also won the Thinking Culture Award that year. The school surfaced its 4 core values - CARE, RESPECT, LIFELONG LEARNING and TEAMWORK through an envisioning exercise with key personnel and staff and feedback from parents. The school blocks are named after these 4 values. 

In 2003 & 2004, a more concerted effort in character education by the Civics and Moral Education Department resulted in the birth of the Values Inculcation Programme. Pupils were also encouraged to look beyond themselves to the needs of children in other countries through the overseas community involvement project 'Bridging The Gap' in Hanoi. In addition, pupils were exposed to more integrated lessons and experiential learning. Fitness Club pupils were challenged to trek Taman Negara and climb Mount Ophir. The school also enhanced its e-learning portal in collaboration with Litespeed during this time.

To foster better communication with staff and parents, the school made use of technology as well as more face-to-face communication sessions. These took the form of the CCKPS Knowledge Management System, Value-Addedness Tracking System, 'Breakfast with the Principal' sessions for parents, and focus group discussions using case studies and group dialogue with staff.

In 2005, the school piloted a number of new projects such as SEED CL, Use of Video Technology in the teaching of English Language, SMS Broadcast System and Special PE & Art Programmes. The school also co-hosted the MOE Excel Fest - Family Edventure. On that day, the school had an Open House where it showcased the school's efforts in innovation & enterprise. The school was also re-certified as a People Developer organization in October.