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School History 2006 - 2008

In 2006, the school has moved on to empower pupils, staff and parents to become more effective learners. This is done through a Personal & Social Effectiveness programme for pupils, reflective teaching and learning by teachers through the use of Video Technology, the establishment of a Senior Teachers Team and partnering MCYS to establish a School Family Education programme for parents, pupils and staff. The school started a Twinning Programme with Zhonghua Road Primary School in Wuhan, China. The school was also awarded the LEADIT@Schools scheme which recognises the school as one of the top 15% of IT schools.

In 2007, the school attained the MOE Character Development Award (Level 1), Sustained Achievement Awards for Sports and Aesthetics and the Green Audit Lotus Award. The school also attained excellent PSLE results that exceeded comparable schools in almost all subject areas. These awards and achievements helped to validate the school's continual efforts in providing a quality holistic education to pupils. To further encourage a culture of experimentation and research, the school introduced the Communities of Practice, carried out collaborative project efforts with SUN Microsystem, SingTel and Uniservity as well as participated in 2 TLLM projects supported by MOE. The outcomes of the projects were shared at the West Zone Learning Festival and ICET Conference. These projects showed that a Problem-Based Learning approach enhanced by ICT is a viable pedagogical model for engaging pupils in learning and promoting self-directed learning. The school thus adopted Problem-Based Learning as a key pedagogical model in the curriculum. The school was also short listed for the 1st phase of the Future Schools programme.

In 2008, the school's concerted effort in National Education was recognised with the National Education Development Award. The school was also awarded the Programme for School-Based Excellence in Robotics. This award was given in recognition of the school's excellent achievements in Robotics and enabled the school to integrate Robotics into Art and Science lessons so that Robotics can be used as a support tool for learning and developing creativity and problem-solving skills. The school's effort in using the 7 Habits in its Personal & Social Effectiveness programme was highlighted in Stephen Covey's book, "Leader in Me". The school’s core values, the 7 Habits as well as National Education values were also aligned to ensure a more streamlined approach in teaching them to pupils. With a strong belief in enriching pupils' learning beyond the classrooms, 4 collaborative overseas learning trips were carried out to countries such as China (Cultural Immersion, Aesthetics), Cambodia (Service Learning) and Australia (Environment Awareness). The school also explored innovative teaching and learning strategies with ICT through the use of Web 2.0 tools and Ultra-Mobile PCs.