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Rules & Regulations

The school firmly believes that Discipline and Diligence are two key success factors 

in achieving Excellence as expounded in the School Motto.

All CCKPS pupils are expected to adhere to the School Rules and Regulatioins. Regulations.

1. School Uniform and General Appearance

a) Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not allowed

All pupils should be in full uniform on days when there is no PE lesson.

- Skirt should be of knee length
- Blouse should not be oversized

- Shirt and shorts should not be oversized 
- Shorts should not fall below the knee 

Schoool Uniform
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School PE Attire



  • Are encouraged to keep short hair and if hair extends beyond the collar, it must be tied up or plaited
  • Fringe must be above the eyebrows
  • Only plain black ribbons / clips / hair-bands are allowed
  • No dyeing or tinting of hair


  • Hair should be short and neat
  • Hair must not touch the ears and must be above the collar of the school shirt
  • Hair must be above the eyebrows
  • Use hair gel appropriately
  • Beard, moustache or long side burns are not allowed
  • No dyeing or tinting of hair

c) Accessories : Only one pair of small ear-studs/ rings is allowed on the ear lobe. No other jewellery is allowed.

Shoes / Socks

  • Only school socks are allowed
  • Only plain white-based shoes with no fanciful trimmings or patterns are allowed
  • No track shoes or high-cut shoes are allowed except for games during CCAs
  • At no time should one be in slippers or sandals without a valid reason  

Use of cosmetics and accessories

  • Use of cosmetics and nail polish is not allowed
  • Jewellery and accessories are not allowed
  • Only girls are allowed to wear a single, plain ear stud on each ear .

The school prohibits all expensive items such as MP3 players, hand-held computer games etc .
Mobile phones are not allowed in school.

Every case will be examined  Every case will be examined on its own merit. Approval will be given by the Principal / Vice-Principal. The school cannot be held responsible in case of theft or loss of mobile phones through the carelessness of the pupils.

3. Serious Offences :
Pupils who have committed a serious offence such as :

1. Truancy
2. Using Vulgar Language
3. Disrespectful to teachers
4. Vandalism
5. Smoking
6. Assault/Fighting
7. Bullying
8. Stealing/ Shoplifting
9. Extortion and ALL law breaking offences
10. Cheating (Your examination results will be forfeited)
will be referred to the Principal with the following actions taken:
1. Pupil concerned will be given a "Fair" or "Poor" rating for Conduct*
2. The offence will be recorded into the School Offence Module.
3. Pupil may be caned and/ or suspended/expelled.
4. Counselling
5. Parents will be notified
Note : *A "Fair" or "Poor" rating for conduct will render the pupil ineligible for Edusave Awards and Eagles Award.