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Vision & Mission

School Crest
CCK-Logo-b-colour-200.pngThe Circular Band symbolises the school's commitment to an all-round education.

The Book with its pages open signifies the school as an institution that emphasizes learning as continuous process.

The pages and the spine of the book take the form of a burning torch that signifies the passing on of knowledge, values and habits.

The Arrows show the way to Excellence through Discipline and Diligence.

The Colour apple-green is symbolic of vitality, blue signifies graciousness, gold represents excellence, and flaming yellow stands for commitment.

Together they depict Chua Chu Kang Primary School's motto - Excellence through Discipline and Diligence.



Strategic Goal 1: 
Quality Teaching and Learning

Strategic Goal 2:  To leverage on Technology for Learning Excellence

Strategic Goal 3:  To provide a Vibrant Arts and Sports Environment so as to foster creativity and healthy lifestyle

Strategic Goal 4:  To nurture every pupil to be a confident, conscientious and caring citizen

Strategic Goal 5:  To develop Quality Staff