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P5 Consortium

 5 Care 1 Mdm Francis Anita & Ms Teo Siew Peng
5 Care 2Ms Yogeswary D/O Subramaniam & Mdm Chng Yuan Yuan
5 Diligence Ms Ker Bee Leng & Mdm Kasidah Khatoon Kasim Khan
5 DisciplineMr Ong Yam Huat & Ms Jacqueline Chng
5 IntegrityMr Dominic Siew & Mdm Azizah Latiff
5 Excellence 1Mr Keith Chen & Mdm Zhong Zhaohui 
5 Excellence 2Mr Timothy Chen & Mr Jasnee Samat

Instructional Programme (IP)
Primary 5 on academic areas

English Programme
- Critical thinking skills infused in lessons

Reading programme
- Class libraries
- The Little Red Dot Newspaper
- National Geographic
- Reading Activities in collaboration with NLB

Writing Programme (Sense & Sensibility)
Develop confidence through communication skills

Mathematics Programme
- Critical thinking skills infused in Heuristics
- Differentiated learning materials
- Speed Tests to reinforce concepts taught
- Maths Olympiad Training

Various Math Competitions
- Math Olympiad

Science Programme
- Critical thinking skills programmes in conjunction with the Science Builder topical worksheets

Learning Journeys
- Science Centre DNA Lab

Use of Voicethreads

Infusion of Robotics in lessons

Mother Tongue Programme
- Critical thinking skills programme
- CL/ML/TL Reading Comprehension Package
- e-learning work to supplement CL/ML/TL lessons

Primary 5 plans on Co-Core Subject Areas

Music - Percussion Instruments
Art - Digital Art
Robotics - Modular Programmes, Discovery Learning with Robotics in Geometry, Use of Robotics in Science

Information Technology (IT)
- Self-directed learning
- Collaborative learning

Pupil Development
- Orientation week programme
- FTGP lessons
- 1-1 Interaction

Values in Action
- good manners
- canteen and classroom cleanliness
- pack a hamper
- good environmetally-friendly habits

Special Programmes for the P5
- Traffic Safety LJ
- P5 Camp
- NE Show