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Parent Support Group 

Name Appointment 
Mr Mohammad Nazree Bin Mat Sidik 

Mdm Mogana Devi D/O Supramaniam Chairman

 Mdm Siti Nurhawa Abu Bakar Vice-Chairman

 Mdm Nithiya D/O NagappanSecretary

 Mdm Chen MeijiP1 Coordinator

 Mdm Chuan Suan ImP2 Coordinator

 Mdm Lee Poh WanP3 Coordinator

 Mdm Lay Wai Pui P4 Coordinator

 Mdm Chow Soek FungP5 Coordinator 

Mdm Lye Wan Jun P6 Coordinator 

Mdm Tajunisha Abu Bakar 
Special Project Manager

Mdm Dayalan Deepa Special Project Manager 


To support School in achieving its vision – “Empowered Leaders”


  • Support our Children's Teachers - To Bring out the Best in Every Student
  • Support our Children - To Reach Their Best
  • Support One Another

For enquiries about our PSG, please contact Mdm Mogana at mogana514@gmail.com


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