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Parent Kit for Home-Based Learning

SLS (Home-Based Learning)

SLS is accessible through internet browsers on either Windows PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablets. For a good user experience, tablets should have a screen size of at least 7 inches. However, a small number of resources may not work on tablets due to technical constraints. Currently, SLS is not fully optimised for mobile phones even though users can access the system and resources. 

If you are having trouble even though your browser meets the above requirements, you can find self-help steps on the SLS Troubleshooting page: go.gov.sg/slsloginhelp

The recommended operating systems and browsers are:

*Technical Requirements for devices to access SLS:

Operating System


Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1

• Google Chrome 66 and later

Microsoft Windows 10

• Google Chrome 66 and later 

• Microsoft Edge 17 and later

Mac OS 10 and later

• Safari 11 and later 

• Google Chrome 66 and later

iOS 11 and later

• Safari 11 and later

Android 5 and later

• Google Chrome 66 and later

chromeOS 79 and later

• Google Chrome 79 and later